I’m a mum to two gorgeous boys Cody 9 and Mason 6 my troublesome trucks as I like to call them. Married my amazing husband at just 23 and we are enjoying our 13 year anniversary this August.

I’m a master juggler, like most entrepreneurs and mums in business, we do it all. I truly believe that we are meant to have it all and are all destined for greatness.

I feel proud and very lucky that I am surrounded by positive supportive business women and friends. Anything that we do in life is 80% mindset 20% skill and 100% action.

Throughout the last 3 years I’ve hit some really big challenges, both in business and personally. I’ve overcome these hurdles successfully.  I want to help you do the same. To come out on the other side, happy,  smiling and a better version of you.

My journey started in March 2014, I’d spent two years being a full-time mum after taking redundancy when I was just 6 months pregnant. I knew this was my chance to shine.  I saw a huge opportunity where I could have it all, run a successful business and earn a corporate income while looking after my boys. I’m proud to say that I have achieved that and much more. There have been tears and tantrums and lots of self-development, but I’ve done it!  I’m a very different person now than I was 3 years ago. A better version of me.

Qualifying for most of the company incentives such as global travel and car plan programme. My boys enjoyed their 1st trip abroad was a luxury 5 star all expense paid holiday.

I’ve also helped four other women in my team hit the pristine position of manager, meaning that they earn a corporate income too.

I love what I do and I love helping others to become the best they can be.

️ Mrs Claire Powell